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  1. Firefighter
    WSIB Applications
    Do you know anyone who is/was a VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER and was diagnosed or died from CANCER? If a volunteer firefighter was diagnosed with certain types of cancer after January 1, 1960, the volunteer firefighter, his/her estate and his/her survivors may be entitled to benefits and compensation. If you would like to know more about this, please call us for a free consultation. More information visit our Volunteer Firefighters of Ontario page
  2. Small Claims
    Small Claims Court
    In small claims court, you can sue for money or the return of personal property valued at $25,000 or less, not including interest and costs.To sue a person or business in small claims court, your lawsuit, called a claim, must fall into one of the two following categories: Claims for money owed under an agreement, such as, unpaid accounts for goods or services sold and delivered unpaid loans, unpaid rent, NSF cheques, Claims for damages, such as, property damage, clothes damaged by a dry cleaner, personal injuries, breach of contract.
  3. Traffic Tickets
    Traffic tickets can effect you by; Insurance rates are based upon traffic tickets. Demerit points on your record. Some traffic tickets have licence suspension attached to them. Your right to drive and ability to earn an income can be affected. Many employers have restrictions on traffic tickets accumulated. If you pay a speeding ticket, you’re automatically convicted – and that conviction appears on your driving record. When insurance companies set your rates, they look at the number of convictions you’ve had in the past three years – not the number of demerits.
Volunteer Firefighters of Ontario