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Volunteer Firefighters of Ontario​​
Cancers in Volunteer Firefighters, Firefighters and Fire Investigators.
In 2007 and 2014, the Ontario government agreed to provide firefighters (including volunteer and part-time firefighters) coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act  for 16 cancers presumed to be work-related.  
The legislation is retroactive to
Jan. 1, 1960. Any firefighter’s cancer diagnosis on or after that date that meets the listed criteria is now presumed occupational, and families of eligible firefighters who have died can also claim benefits. 

The change to the province’s workplace safety legislation is in effect. Now, Ontario volunteer firefighters who meet the employment-duration criteria are no longer required to prove that their "prescribed" cancer resulted from their occupation in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is now obligated to assume that the disease is work-related. 
​Volunteer Firefighters or their survivors may refile previously denied claims, or present new claims, with no time restrictions other than a requirement that the date of diagnosis is on or after January 1, 1960.
What can we do for you?
Claim Advocacy for Volunteer Firefighters or Their Survivors.  
Dealing with the WSIB can be a complicated and frustrating experience.  We are here to work for you and we will to guide you through the process. 
  • Our service is provided on NO PAY NO FEE basis, we don't get paid unless you get paid
  • We will come to you to provide in-person service
  • We will assist you in collecting the information the WSIB will require,
  • We will register your claim with the WSIB,
  • We will communicate with the WSIB and ensure you receive all benefits you are entitled to receive.
Our  ex-WSIB Occupational Disease Adjudicator​ Associate and paralegals will be in contact with you on every step of the process, will supervise and we will ensure all necessary information is provided for your file in the manner required by WSIB.
Insight Legal Services is a licensed paralegal firm regulated by Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). 
We use our own funds and resources to locate and inform well deserving Ontario Volunteer Firefighters and their survivors about possible benefits and compensation. 


Benefit for Loss of Earnings 

Benefits for Non-Economic Loss

Loss of retirement income benefit

​If you miss time from work because of a work-related injury or illness, WSIB insurance pays for loss of earnings. This benefit starts from the working day after the injury or illness occurred. How WSIB calculates your loss of earnings benefit depending on the date the injury occurred. 
WSIB base benefit payments on an annual wage ceiling. Wages you receive above this ceiling are not covered.The annual wage ceiling is based each year on 175% of the average industrial wage (AIW) for Ontario. 

​If you suffer permanent impairment from a work-related injury or illness, the WSIB will pay you a non-economic loss benefit to compensate you for the physical, functional, or psychological loss the impairment causes. This benefit is determined when your condition has reached a point where no further improvement can be expected. The amount paid is based on a legislated base amount times an impairment rating.
If you are under 64 years of age on the date of injury and have received loss of earnings (LOE) benefits for 12 continuous months, the WSIB sets aside an amount equal to 5% of all subsequent LOE benefits to pay for a loss of retirement income (LRI) benefit. (This 5% is over and above your regular payments, but will not be paid to you until you turn 65.)

Benefit for Future Economic Loss 

Health care benefits

Compensation amounts for survivors

Benefits to replace lost future income may be available to individuals permanently injured after January 1, 1990 and before January 1,1998. These are based on 90% of the difference between the worker's take home pay before the injury and expected take home pay after the injury. These benefits are adjusted annually for inflation.​
In addition to loss of earnings benefits, WSIB benefits pay for a number of costs related to workplace injury and illness, including:

  • Health care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Medical devices and orthotics
  • Transportation costs associated with work-related injury or illness
Lump sum awards:  Spouses of deceased workers are entitled to a one-time lump sum payment. For 2017, this payment is $80,673.30 plus or minus $2,016.83 for each year the spouse is under/over age 40, respectively.Monthly awards  Minimum compensation amount payable for spouse and child is $22,904.44 annually. The maximum earnings ceiling is $88,500 per year.  Burial awards:  WSIB  will pay all expenses reasonably connected to the burial - there is no maximum amount. The minimum amount payable is $3,025.25.
The minimum durations of employment for the prescribed cancers are listed below.
A medical diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma, one of the three specified leukemias, or cancer originating from the specified organ is required for adjudication of claims under the policy.

I n addition to the above criteria, for:
primary-site colorectal cancer, a diagnosis must be obtained prior to the age of 61 years
primary-site lung cancer, the worker must not have smoked a tobacco product in the 10 years prior to diagnosis.
The information herein was updated on March 10, 2017. For most recent information please click here